Advert Rates

Advert Rate

Banner Size Banner placement Amount (per week) Amount (per month)
728 x 90 Top of the page beside the logo N115,000 N430,000
728 x 90 Home Page (Below featured post) N115,000 N430,000
728 x 90 Before content in post N100,00 N400,000
728 x 90 After content in post N100,000 N400,000
Sidebar Ads 300 x 250 Across pages N100,000 N400,000
Text link (Max. of 25 words) Home Pages N35,000 N135,000
Text link (Max. 25 words) Inside Pages N31,500 N124,000


  • Artworks should be in JPEG, GIF or SWF formats.
  • Adverts should be pre-paid before publication.
  • All adverts that appear concurrently on home and other pages will attract 50% surcharge on Home Page rate.
  • Advert materials should be e-mailed to [email protected] or submitted by hand in ZIP, CD, or a flash drive.


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